Organic Dark Chocolate – What’s not to love……

Organic Dark Chocolate – What’s not to love…… 

Chocolate, one of life’s most indulgent pleasures that can be enjoyed by everyone. Great news is that it can also provide so many health benefits so forget the guilt and enjoy.

The best type to provide great health benefits is Organic Dark Chocolate. There are no chemical or pesticides used when growing Organic Cacao Beans. Other ingredients used in making organic chocolates are also grown using organic methods and are usually made with no added sugar.

Organic Dark Chocolate is made from cocoa butter instead of milk based butter. Its contains anywhere from 60 – 99% cacao. Cocoa contains more phenolic antioxidants than most foods. This high Cacao content provides Dark Chocolate the many benefits associated with it.

Organic dark chocolate has more flavonoids than Green Tea. These have high antioxidant abilities to prevent many diseases like cancer, heart strokes and more. Flavonoids also contain catechins and epicatechins. Catechins in dark chocolates helps boost the immune system and therefore can help reduce many chronic ailments.

It is rich in minerals such as copper, magnesium, manganese which helps in lowering the blood pressure. It also then  improves heart health and regulate cholesterol levels. Other nutrient compounds found in this chocolate are phosphorus, potassium, vitamin K, B-12, and A, selenium, and calcium.

It releases endorphins which elevates your mood and can reduce stress. Its keeps you alert and therefore can help with cognitive function.

One of the brands we are proud to stock is Alter Ego.  They have a range that is not only great for you but is taking that next step in helping the environment. Please check out the Alter Ego website to learn more about the work to help the Farmers of Acopargro, the Amazon and our Planet.