Why Clean Protein Powder ?

Protein powders are a key nutrient that offers the perfect convenience in the busy world we live in today. They provide a way to feel full, satisfied and healthy at any time of the day. For those looking to build muscle and require more protein than that offered in the standard diet, protein powders give you just that boost you’re looking for. However, not all protein powders are made equal. It’s important to find the one that not only suits your personal needs but also your nutritional ones as well.

Why Choose Clean Protein?

Clean protein powder will have a pure nature without all of the additives that commonly cause bloating, constipation, flatulence, and other forms of gastrointestinal distress. If you are using them as a part of your weight loss journey you will also want to look at a protein powder with low or no added sugar. You don’t just want protein, you want a protein your body will know exactly what to do with. It’s important you choose the right protein powder that suits your needs and that supports your health in every way.

What to look for when choosing a Protein Powder?

When you are choosing a protein powder, it’s most important to look first at the ingredients list. Do you recognise all the ingredients or does it look like a science experiment. The presence of any fillers or other additives could mean you’re not getting the clean, easily digestible and effective protein you’re really looking for. The most common additives and corresponding issues are:

Sugars & Artificial sweeteners

Many protein powder brands will use added sugar or artificial sweeteners in their blends in order to give the protein a sweeter and more dessert-like flavour. Sweeteners like sucralose, xylitol, aspartame and saccharine might provide low-calorie sweetness but they also contribute to gastric distress, weight gain, acid reflux and headaches.


Fillers covers a wide range of different additives. They’re included in protein powders to bulk up the product and save manufacturers money. These fillers rarely if ever contribute to any nutritional value. Many of the most common fillers are known to cause digestion disruption. A couple of common fillers found in many mass produced protein powders are psyllium or coconut flour.

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